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Reeling In - Junior Anglers are on the hunt for children to participate in this exciting challenge! 

Children must be a member of Reeling In - Junior Anglers

See tab below

Please include the names and ages of each child you would like to register

A waiver form must be signed by parents and returned before children start the program

Upon registration, each child will be emailed a booklet

In the booklet will be 3 different categories:

All Star Angler - Hot Shot Angler - Elite Angler


The booklet also including the fishing rules and regulations for each  

species that are included in the Challenge

(Parents are encouraged to set up a folder for the the children to use)


Children are encouraged to catch each species of fish

All star title.jpg
All Star 3.jpg
All Star 5.jpg
All Star 2.jpg
All Star 4.jpg
All Star 1.jpg
Hot Shots title.jpg
Hot shot 2.jpg
Hot shot 1.jpg
Hot shot 3.jpg
Elite title.jpg
Elite 2.jpg
Elite 1.jpg
Ambassador Posts - Leithan 1st May 2021_edited.jpg
Ambassador Posts - Jai 1st May 2021_edited.jpg
Ambassador Posts - Zachary 1st May 2021_edited.jpg

Children (or parents) must then photograph and email the picture

back to Reeling In - Junior Anglers

Each species of fish will then be marked off by the angler in their booklet and 

a record kept by the Reeling In - Junior Anglers Team

Each child will then receive by email a certificate for every

species of fish they have caught

Certificates - All star 1.jpg
Certificates - All star 2.jpg
Certificates - All star 3.jpg
Certificates - All star 5.jpg
Certificates - All star 6.jpg
Certificates - All star 8.jpg
Certificates - All star 7.jpg
Certificates - All star 9.jpg
Certificates - All star 11.jpg
Certificates - All star 10.jpg
Certificates - All star 13.jpg
Certificates - All star 4.jpg
Certificates - All star 14.jpg
Certificates - All star 12.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 3.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 1.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 4.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 5.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 6.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 7.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 8.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 10.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 9.jpg
Certificates - Hot shot 2.jpg
Certificates - Elite 4.jpg
Certificates - Elite 3.jpg
Certificates - Elite 2.jpg
Certificates - Elite 6.jpg
Certificates - Elite 7.jpg
Certificates - Elite 5.jpg
Certificates - Elite 1.jpg

When the children have caught all of the fish in a section

(All Star Angler, Hot Shot Angler or Elite Angler)  they will be sent a prize!

Upon completion of the booklet and once all fish species are caught from every section,

the participant will be crowned a

Ultimate Angler Announcement_edited.jpg

There is no time frame to complete the booklet

Children can catch any fish from any category at any time

Anglers can catch the fish at their own pace

We do encourage catch and release practices and have included a

booklet on "Tips on how to handle your catch"

Parents can download this and place in their children's angler folder(s)

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