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Fishing Boat Simulator

The Concept

Our president was asked to do a talk at the Women In Recreational Fishing "WIRference" being conducted in Victoria. Looking through all of the pictures we noticed a fishing simulator "stand".  We loved the idea so much we decided to give it a go ourselves... but it turned into so much more!


The Boat Donation


Rather than building a "stand" we thought we could purchase a small boat instead. After a post on social media we were extremely lucky to have Levi Nash donate his family boat for our project!

Levi is well known in the fishing scene, he is on numerous Boards and Committees including ANSA SA and SAFTAG

(the South Australian Fish Tagging Program)


The Slight Mishap When
Picking Up The Boat!

Micks Winch.png
Pacific Marine.png

More Updates to come!

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