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Activity Sheets

Reeling In Junior Anglers Activity Sheets are aimed at teaching our Junior Anglers about all things fishing, not only that - they are fun to do!

Catch this fish - Golden Perch.jpg
Catch this fish - Southern Bluefin Tuna.jpg
Crossword - What's in your tacklebox.jpg
Fish Anatomy - Bream.jpg
Name that fish - freshwater.jpg
Name that fish - saltwater 3.jpg
Name that shark 2.jpg
Find A Word - Fish Species.jpg
Fish Anatomy - Bronze Whaler Shark.jpg
Name that fish - saltwater 2.jpg
Name that fish - saltwater.jpg
Name that shark.jpg
Spot the Differences - Tommy Ruff and Salmon Trout.jpg
What is that - Marine Species 2.jpg
Spot the Differences - Whiting Species.jpg
What is that - Marine Species.jpg
Find A Word - Rods and reels.jpg
Find A Word - Fish Species 1.jpg
Find A Word - Fishing Terminology.jpg
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